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Signs and Symbols

Such a comprehensive guide, enlightening every design’s components, its history, meaning and lecture.
Start with why

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”
Books recommendations
Designing type

The bible of typography
The design of everyday things

The bible of design in general, from objects to computer programs
Design Talk Plus

If you love Design and Beauty in all its forms, I wholeheartedly recommend you this program!
It covers a wide array of designs with their creation process, from architecture design to products, everyday objects, clothes, furniture, art… Even food design 🙃
It is broadcasted on NHK World, a Japanese TV channel available worldwide.
Naturally, the content is centred on Japanese designs, and it’s not a secret that I absolutely love the minimalistic approach of Japan, their sense of strong connection to nature, tradition, coupled with modernity.