Work: Logo concept, logo name, brand identity, packaging designs
Year: 2023
Client: Seika セイカ


Seika is a tea farm located in the prefecture of Shizuoka, Japan.
Working to produce some of the oldest and genuine tea cultivars, Seika aims to offer an immersive experience transporting our senses to the serene landscapes and rich tea traditions of Shizuoka.
Looking to expand their offer locally, and later internationally, their wish and vision was for the brand to reflect their authenticity along with that characteristic japanese design style- while keeping a modern feel to it.
Written with the characters 青 “green, young” and 豊 “abundance, richness”, Seika can be translated as the young, green abundance.
The challenge was here to come up with a name visually and sonorously appealing in both japanese and roman characters.
The variety and aromatic complexity of the teas is enhanced by colourful, pastel patterns.