Hi !

My name is Melanie Galy, I’m a graphic designer & Illustrator.
I specialise in minimalistic & playful designs, and love doing Brand Identity developments, Packaging Designs, as well as a wide variety of visuals and illustrations.

Although I’ve always been geeky about arts, design and photography, I haven’t always been working in graphic design.
My past experiences reflect my insatiable curiosity and thirst for experiences, as I’ve had various type of jobs and environments. I loved being Press Attachée for a french publishing company, writing touristic guides in a guest house company in Japan, or being Barista for a specialty coffee shop in Australia.

However, these experiences all have in common the joy of connecting to people through communication, service, and art. Which is what I enjoy so much developing now: to find clever, beautiful ways to communicate an idea.

Currently located in France, I’m accepting new design opportunities both locally and internationally.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Let’s make something beautiful together!