Work: Brand identity
Year: 2022

Anima is a select store specialised in high quality coffee & tea.
Born with the aim of making specialty coffee from local roasters, and selected teas (starting with japanese tea sourced directly to farmers) more widely known and available to the local scene.
Borrowed from Latin anima : a current of air, wind, air, breath, the vital principle, life, soul
The logo and decorative patterns tend to bring out the original intention of the brand: simple but refined taste.
Both coffee and tea aromas brings out in you that breath of life, those senses of refilled energy, focus, yet relaxing peace and serenity.
The colour system uses dark indigo and hazel wood as the main colour tone to represent that refined yet warm, natural environment. 

ロゴと装飾パターンは、ブランドの原点を引き立てることを意図しており、シンプルでありながらも洗練された味わいを表現しています。 コーヒーと紅茶の香りは、生命の息吹、エネルギーの補充、そしてくつろぎと平和の感覚を引き出します。 

Client: Anima
In collaboration with Hayuco coffee roasters and Tea Cup Trip.

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