Work: Brand identity, packaging designs
Year: 2021
Client: Go Slow coffee roasters

Go Slow is a Specialty coffee shop & Roaster based in Japan.
The main task was to create a logo and visual identity.  
In a quiet town surrounding by mountains, time is slowing down, punctuated by the drops of warm aromatic coffee. Freshly, locally roasted.
The coffee drop slowing falling from the dripper is represented in the logo, 
as we aimed to recreate the simple, ephemeral feelings of a delicious slow moment in our busy lives. 

Go Slow は、川俣市のスペシャルティコヒーショップ&ロースターです。
Were you able to visually guess the coffee's flavours?
For each coffee profile, we associated flavours & colours.
Avez-vous pu imaginer l'arôme du café en regardant le paquet ?
Les couleurs utilisées sont associées aux notes aromatiques de chaque café.

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